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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning is the process of formal recognition for skills and knowledge gained through previous learning such as:

  • Life experiences
  • Previous formal learning
  • Employment
  • Recreational or personal interests

You may be eligible for recognition of prior learning for part or all of your intended study, based on your previous experiences and learning.

For more information regarding RPL and how to apply, please discuss this with your trainer.

Alternatively you can give us a quick call on Ph: 07 49 877 340

Steps in the RPL Process

  1. Student requests recognition at enrolment
  2. Appropriate qualification and competency are identified at enrolment
  3. Training consultant will advise student of evidence required; The student will be given access to the full curriculum so they can clearly identify the learning outcomes or competencies they have to apply
  4. Student collects evidence to support claim for RPL, which must be submitted to Zero Harm Safety & Training within two weeks of starting a course. An RPL Application form (ZHST-RTO-0085) must be completed and forwarded, with any supporting evidence, to the Principal Consultant
  5. Zero Harm Safety & Training will then analyse individual experience and qualifications against appropriate learning outcomes/competency statements, the Principal Consultant and Training Consultant will complete this process
  6. If claim matches learning outcomes/competencies then full recognition is granted
  7. If claim does not match learning outcomes/competencies then further evidence will be requested, this may also involve an interview where applicant will support his/her case. Further evidence must be supplied within two weeks
  8. If further evidence is not sufficient then the claim will be rejected, a letter of advice will be forwarded to applicant advising of decision either way. If student wishes to appeal decision he/she must inform Zero Harm Safety & Training in writing within 1 week of rejection letter
  9. Student may appeal decision and ask for a subject matter expert to make a recommendation, the cost of this further process will be shared equally by the student and Zero Harm Safety & Training
  10. Letter of advice will be forwarded to student outlining the costs of further process. Once student has paid his/her share of cost for further process (must be received within 1 week of request for payment). The Subject Matter Expert will be obtained and his recommendation will be heard
  11. Letter of advice of outcome will be forwarded to applicant within two weeks of final decision
  12. Completed RPL Application Form with attachments will be placed on the students file
  13. Details of the Application recorded on the RPL Assessment Register (ZHST-RTO-0086)