We’re a top-notch Health and Safety crew and we know our stuff! Zero Harm Safety and Training offers a diverse range of specialised Health & Safety Services that go above and beyond. We’re here to make sure that you and your team achieve safety goals and reduce onsite incidents.

You’re in management and need to get your ducks in a row, you need to meet compliance? You need to get the blokes’ training up to speed? You need to get it all done where you are to save your time and reduce downtime? We’re pretty sure we can help – pick up the dog-and-bone and we can have a chat. Depending on how many need training, we could even coom to you. We’ll assess your needs based on the list below and make some recommendations to ensure all boxes are ticked.

This list is a basic overview of consultancy services, so if what you need is not on here, then just ask:

  • Health & Safety Management System Design and Implementation
  • Onsite Training Consultants
  • Risk Management System Design and Implementation
  • On-site OH&S Management
  • Contract Safety Advisers
  • Change Management
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Incident Analysis and Investigation
  • Behavioural Safety Leadership
  • Safety Culture Programs
  • Ergonomics
  • Manual Handling

We know our stuff when it comes to keeping you and your team safe, and our marvellous range of services is sure to give you the peace of mind you need.

Your trusted training partner.

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